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Queen J.

Cara S.

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Erika P.

Jessie aligned with my energy and needs effortlessly. She held space for my range of experiences and emotions without judgment, and allowed me to be truly seen and felt. Her energy, compassion, and unconditional positive regard created a container for me to authentically be and let go. I felt so much lighter and freer after my reiki session with Jessie, and I began to build awareness around energy that I needed to release that was no longer serving me. I highly recommend her and greatly value her practice, experience, and path as a Reiki Master.


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LeKisha M.

Jessie is the absolute divinity embodied! Each session I can feel the energy activating and moving through me. Each session I’m inspired, grounded, and grateful that I was able to access my light within through Jessie’s powerful energy work. She brings knowledge, safety, and presence to help begin or continue your energetic healing. She’s a dream!

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Kumi H.

Before meeting Jessie, I had an interest in reiki but had not considered trying it. After talking with Jessie about reiki I was convinced that I wanted to experience it. Her reiki is intensely relaxing, both mentally and physically. I feel as if I traveled somewhere and came back home after the session. I also feel calm and balanced. She is so gifted with her healing energy. I can highly recommend her reiki to anyone who needs to relax and have inner peace. It is a truly heavenly experience!

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Kim Z.

In my first reiki session with Jessie, she made sure everything was set up to make me as comfortable as possible. I had never done reiki before so she explained the process and ideology behind it before we got started. I was so curious to know what this experience would be like and Jessie definitely did not disappoint. I felt so relaxed during and after the session and just a very strong sense of peace and gratitude throughout. I could tell that Jessie was very passionate about the work she was doing with me. Everything she said and did was very intentional and with my well-being in mind. Jessie is a healer and cares so deeply about everyone

she works with.

Sam alternative wellness energy light wo

Sam D.

Before Jessie, I had only received one reiki session but was eager to try another due to the calming sensations and thoughts it inspired. Jessie came highly recommended, so her and I easily booked a convenient time for her to bring her setup to my house. Jessie is an incredibly soothing presence and makes you comfortable instantly. I had informed her of some hamstring pain before the session, and by the end, it had subsided immensely. Jessie also spends time after the session to check in with you and discuss your experience and makes herself available to you throughout the week in case anything comes up. I am definitely going to book another session.

Thanks, Jessie!

Heidi california lightwork spiritual san

Heidi K.

I sought help from Jessie after chiropractic, acupuncture, and PT were not working to treat an overuse cycling injury. After all the struggle and frustration I went through during rehab, I was a little dubious that just laying on a table for an hour was going to make any difference. I was thrilled to be wrong about that. After just one session, I noticed improvement and was able to get back on the bike without pain. Beyond the physical benefits, I found that my reiki session imparted an incredible level of calm and peacefulness. This is 100% due to Jessie - she walked me through the process before we began and we debriefed together at the end of the session. I felt like I was in good healing hands from start to finish. As if it couldn’t get better, I was amazed to find that the positive effects of my reiki session lasted for weeks which also made it an efficient and affordable way to heal. I check in with Jessie for tune-ups every month or two, and each time find myself renewed and invigorated and healed. I’m continually surprised to find myself advocating for reiki healing and recommending it to friends, but it truly is incredible and

unlike anything else.

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