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Girl Running in Field at Sunset

What is Happiness Coaching?

You've probably heard of (or maybe already worked with) a Life Coach, Business Coach or Executive Coach; their goal is often to help you improve one or two specific, external aspects of your life e.g. reaching the next rung in your career ladder.


Happiness Coaching targets the very center of your being- changing you from within.  This in turn creates advantageous shifts in your entire outer world organically. The methodology pulls from the same coaching skill set seen across the industry yet also utilizes positive psychology interventions and findings from empirical happiness science research. 


The byproducts of this work are upward spirals of positive emotion, increased wellbeing, strengthened resilience, optimal functioning, improved physical health, enhanced social openness, an increase in flourishing and sustainable happiness. 

To learn more, check out Jessie’s coaching programs The Path to Peace & The Path to “The One”

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