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Hi, I'm Jessie

I'm a Happiness Coach,

Reiki Master, Spiritual Guide,

Meditation Instructor, Writer & Artist

on a mission to elevate the world

by combining light work with

sustainable happiness,

one upward spiral at a time!

How It All Started...


My conscious journey with the spirit realm began when I was first introduced to energy healing as a child growing up in New York City's suburbs of northern New Jersey. My mother, who was a talented pediatrician searching for alternative remedies to supplement her Western cancer treatment, discovered reiki and taught me the basics. I took to it immediately and started healing myself regularly. From adolescence to early adulthood, I intuitively practiced on close loved ones and began to notice a trend. It helped everyone.

I then experienced a significant spiritual awakening when my mother passed on in 2007. At the time, I was pursuing a science degree at Boston University and was unable to make sense of the loss. Therefore, I followed what I was trained to do in the face of unknowns:  research. I dedicated countless hours to learning about the afterlife, metaphysics and hypnotherapy as well as connecting with renowned esoteric teachers, authors and healers. 


This set me on a six-year trajectory to learn practices such as meditation, mindfulness and yoga in both the United States and Australia. Amidst what can best be described as an "enlightenment experience" while in a meditative trance on a deserted beach north of Sydney, I made direct contact with my mother's spirit (an equally mind-blowing & life-changing event) and received very specific  guidance to commence my formal reiki training in San Francisco.   

Without a job, place to live or significant funds, I took a leap of faith and drove my mom's car cross-country to find that big, red bridge... 

By the end of 2014, I was fully established in northern California's Bay Area and enrolled in my first level of Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki instruction. I spent the next three years training, volunteering, practicing regularly and deepening my connection with the community. In October of 2017, I became a Reiki Master (also known as a Reiki Shihan) so that I could step into the sacred role of teacher. As much as I've loved providing this ancient healing method for two decades, it is with great honor & a heart-centered approach that I also pass along its wisdom.

Adding happiness coaching to my offerings was a natural next step. My passion for the sciences has never waned, and I was introduced to the world of happiness science while completing my reiki mastership. Within a year of successfully incorporating positive psychology interventions in my daily life, I was able to achieve sustainable happiness and begin my upward spiral. I am so moved by the efficacy of applying this field's empirical research that I feel intensely called to share it with the world.

I now consider myself "retired" and simply in service. Every day I celebrate life and the ability to provide offerings that are aligned with my purpose. I believe I came to this planet to help heal as many people as possible, raise the consciousness of our species to further our evolution and, above all else, to be love.


Now that you've had a chance to learn more about me, perhaps there is something resonating inside you. Whether it's a shared experience, similar interests, peaked curiosity or the desire to work together, I'd love the opportunity to expand on our connection. You can follow me via social media at the links below as well as schedule a time to chat on a complimentary consultation call.


If there's a simple message I can leave you with to help you along your path, it's this:  the journey inward leads you upward!  


Cheers to You & Your Upward Spiral,


Bliss in the Bay

San Francisco Positive Psychology Happin
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