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90 Min. Reiki

Session includes:


Initial check-in of physical, emotional,

mental and energetic well-being

Grounding meditation, intention setting

and energetic scanning

Reiki healing flow (45 - 60 minutes)

Session debrief with spiritual guidance

Distance reiki sessions available via

phone, Zoom or FaceTime

In-person requests:
Existing clients may contact Jessie directly
*New clients, please schedule a

free consultation call


Single Session: $150

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45 Min. Distance Reiki

Distance reiki is a safe, effective way to

send healing without having to be in person. 

These grounding, balancing and relaxing

mini sessions are extremely effective for those suffering from anxiety, depression

and general imbalance.

They melt stress, boost immunity,

increase mental clarity, bring peace,

improve well-being and get you

off the low-vibe emotional rollercoaster!

Each include a brief check-in before & debrief after the distance reiki flow via

phone, text, Zoom or FaceTime.

Single Session: $44

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Reiki for Pets

Our pets are energetic beings just like us and, therefore, benefit from reiki energy healing.


Session times vary and typically require travel to the pet's home for maximum comfort & efficacy.

Request a quote or receive a discount when booked as an add-on!


pet animal reiki energy healing petcare.

Reiki Veda Packages

/ ˈvādə,ˈvēdə / Sanskrit for "knowledge, wisdom"

Invest in yourself with multiple 90-minute

reiki sessions. They never expire!

Earth Veda ~ 3-pack:  $333 (save $117)
Water Veda ~ 8-pack:  $777 (save $423)
Fire Veda ~ 12-pack: $999 (save $801)
Air Veda ~ 28-pack:  $2,222 (save $1,978)

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Reiki Crystal Packages

Invest in yourself with multiple 45-minute distance reiki sessions.  They never expire!

Ruby ~ 3-pack:  $99 (save $33)

Topaz ~ 5-pack:  $150 (save $70)

Emerald ~ 7-pack:  $200 (save $108)

Sapphire ~ 10-pack:  $250 (save $190)

Amethyst ~ 20-pack: $440 (save $440)

Diamond ~ 60-pack: $1,200 (save $1,440)

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Reiki Circles

A reiki energy circle is an incredible way to bring a fun & meaningful group healing to

your next private or corporate event. 


They're easy to coordinate,

customizable in participant size & duration and accessible to people from all walks of life!

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